perjantai 5. kesäkuuta 2015

All the way for you

Tuttavani oli tehnyt biisit tyttärelleen ja pojalleen, ihan loistosettiä. Niinpä mukamasmuusikkona, tässä lyriikat biisille nimeltä Helios (eli kreikaksi aurinko), oikeudet minulla, aina ja ikuisesti.

I walked my path in darkness until you came
Such a tiny little hand grasped my aching heart
I never knew I could feel this strong
Now I thank you, my sun

You gave me life
Now I see the sun
Darkness is past
The nightmare is over
The world has colours now

I will do anything for you
Love and cherish
Fight those demons, send them to hell
For my beautiful one
My life, my all

You gave me life...

This love may crush me
But I embrace it
I am alive now
Thanks to you, my shining sun

You gave me life

Let me walk with you through this journey
Let me be the one to dry your tears
I'll always be there, by your side

Thank you for giving me life

You gave me life

I see the sun forever

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